Monday, 31 March 2008

Selling My Kits

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Well I've made a decision with regard to selling my kits and have decided that at this point in time I wont be creating paid kits. The reason being that there are so many psp tutorials being written now with PTU kits that I think it is killing our pastime. I am not going to do anything to help that along.

However, in order to bring you new and exciting freebies I would like to purchase some commercial use items, but that is not something I can afford at the moment. So I have decided to add a PayPal donation button. That way if you have downloaded and liked my freebies and are in a position to lend a hand you can. If you are a bit like me and short of dollars, you don't have to pay to get my stuff. This is the fairest thing I could think of.

If you can see you way free to donate a few dollars - I'm not asking for any set amount, you can click the paypal button and it will take you off to paypal.

Thankyou for your continued support and all the wonderful comments you leave for me. I'm working on a new kit at the moment ... it's called Aged Beauty and its in earthy tones. Should be ready in the next couple of days. Afraid the forum and real life are keeping me a tad busy.


PS: Have you written a tut with my kits? If so leave me a message so I can post them up here


  1. Finally!!! Another individual out there who realizes that the PTU artists and scrap kit creators are KILLING OUR HOBBY!!! I could just squeeze you in a huge bear hug Jo!!! Not only do you make your scrap kits for taggers (oh thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!) but now this too?!? You are an angel sent from heaven! I've told EVERYONE I know about your scrap kits and sent them to the site. And you can bet your bottom dollar that when I have some spare money to blow on my favorite addiction ... you'll be getting some PayPal from me girlfriend!! Thanks so much!!!!!

  2. Thank you for making it possible for PSPers to continue their hobbie for free. Also, for your honesty, too. You do spend alot of time on your kits and if someone can spare a few mulas in appreciation - well, we thank them too. I admire you and respect your decision.