Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Freebie: Lushes Jewel

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Hi Blog Fans

Well its been a fairly up and down month or so since I last posted. As many of you know I have not only this little piece of cyberspace, but a PSP tag tutorial site and PSP forum. In late September after a long and painful illness my partner in crime in these ventures Mz Lushes, passed away from complications of her illness.

This has left rather a lot of extra responsibility for me, even though I have some fabulous staff at the forum, its more the having to make decisions on my own .... and having no-one to back me up quite the way Lushes did.

Todays kit is dedicated to my friend, who I will miss more than I can say. It is called Lushes Jewel, because that is what she was. I sure hope you enjoy it.

It is saved as a psd file @ 300 dpi so if you really wanted to it could be used for printing.


Download Lushes Jewel Elements 1 HERE
Download Lushes Jewel Elements 2 HERE
Download Lushes Jewel Papers HERE