Thursday, 7 February 2008

A little Poll for you

Pin It Hi Blog Fans
I have been blown away by the number of people downloading my simple little tag kits. Not to mention thrilled with all the comments. Thank you all very much for the support.
I have a poll for you ..... basically I would like to know if you would buy my kits for around a $1US. I recently had to give up work due to illness and I have been wondering if I could help the family coffers a little bit with my kits. I would still do freebies too of course :)
Anyway let me know what you think .... I'd really appreciate the feedback.


  1. I have only just found your blog but I think you'd be able to sell your kits quite easily, the ones I've seen are beautiful...I'm glad you'd still offer some freebies though as I'm in a different country and I'm unable to use Paypal, so I wouldn't be able to purchase them...if I were able to however I'd happily buy them. Good luck with whatever decision you make though! And thank you so much for sharing your talent and creations!

  2. Thanks for the scraptagset. Love them, so got more then one downloaded. Thanks for your time to do so. Gr. Limesha

  3. Don't sell yourself short Jo. Your kits are very pretty. I'd buy them and I'd pay more than $1 for them too (so long as they were 300dpi). Taggers can always re-size 300dpi kits down anyway. I scrapbook AND make tags so I like my kits to be versatile. But definitely, yes to selling - go fot it!!

  4. That's FOR it, not fot it. LOL

  5. I would pay you $1.00 for your kits in a heartbeat :)I'd even pay $2.00 if you made them 300dpi. I do, however, appreciate you creating them for free and will never complain about what size you make them!! Thank you for all of your awesome kits :)
    Sue B.

  6. i just discovered you and i would have to definitely say yes if had the money i would buy your kits as what i have seen i love and your work is wonderful!
    and don't sell yrself short too. your work is worth more than just a dollar but i would like to see it done at a higher dpi if i bought it :) ps thanks so much for sharing yr work with us!

  7. hi! i am new to this scrapping. But what I am seeing is so lovely and FUN !! I would pay a dollar fir your kits and elements! I also am disabled so couldn't pay too much but - a dollar is way fair. Also, I don't have rar, I have a zip extractor and don't know how to use the .rar or even where to find it, LOL. But I like your stuff well enough I am putting it in a folder for hopefully my future ability to extract the kits. Thank you So much and I wish you many Blessings and lot of luck. I have a feeling you will do very well! huggs, ellem

  8. I just found your blog too. I love your work and definitely would buy your kits if they were made at 300 dpi and 12x12. This size gives the buyer the choice they wish to scrap. You have a wonderful talent and should pursue it.

  9. Hi ...
    I have been doing PSP for oh 15 years now ... And I feel it has taken on a differnt light ... No more can you find a pretty tut and do it for free if you have the tube. First the fonts cost then the tubes now the scraps ... dont get me wrong I love your kits and they are worth it ... But you see I have COPD I stay at home and barely make ends meet now ... everything i see cost money ... this is very sad to me for a hobby I once loved ...
    thanks for letting me talk ... Joyce

  10. I think your kits are worth it and I would pay for it
    I still like the freebies also though lol
    good luck to you

  11. I sure would be wiling to pay for all your work.
    I can't see sitting there all day working & just give it away, someone has to pay the electric bill...LOL

  12. I would probably not buy them due to the fact they are very small files...lovely work tho :)
    and cute for tags-but I don't do many tags.