Thursday, 7 November 2013

Demise of SATC

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Hello Blog Fans,

I'm sure you've all heard about the demise of SATC and that we all didn't get paid for the last month.  I made my feelings pretty clear on my Facebook of what a despicable lowly act it was.  Not gonna say anymore.
I just want to remind anyone who bought my products at SATC and didn't download them, I will honour your purchases if you either email me your receipt or message it to me via my FB profile.  You can of course choose to retrieve your money via Paypal instead of getting the download from me.  Entirely your choice.  Please don't do both.  I am already out of pocket for the money, and I am offering you the download at what is essentially a loss for me, don't take two bites of the cherry here peeps.
Anyway that's enough on this topic for now.  Look out for a new kit shortly and remember you can find all my kits at either Twilight Scraps or Heartfelt Perfections.

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