Thursday, 25 August 2011

Bah Humbug

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250+ downloads and 10 thankyous .... why do I bother to make you freebies.


  1. =[ 4shared didn't help by adding the security captcha when it comes to thank yous. don't let it get you down, on the bright side you at least know people like what they see ;)

  2. Sometimes my computer doesn't cooperate - But your work is stunning, imaginative and down right awesome! Sometimes I d/l several and leave one general BIG thank you. From the number of d/l's you get....I would say that everyone LOVES your work - May I say thank you for the rest of see you continue what you do so well?? Hugs, Darlin...hang in there!!

  3. Well Jo...I for one love your blog and your kits. I appreciate that you make freebies for us poor folk who can't afford to pay for them.
    Thank you very much!!!! Your kits are gorgeous.

  4. i also love your kits but cant leave any love on 4shared you have to join to be able to post a comment and maybe there are a lot of people, myself included, that dont join or register with somewhere like that just so im able to make a comment....people love the kits otherwise they wouldnt be downloading....its great you make us freebies...keep up the good work


  5. Oh what a shame Jo! I would hate it NOT to thank you for your generous gesture. But maybe it's true what people say here. If you don't have a 4-shared account or a gmail-account, it's difficult to leave a comment. The other day someone asked me how she could leave a comment on my blog. I said: take Gmail and bob's your uncle ... She did. She was so grateful because she did not have a clue and now she is able to express what she thinks of my creations.
    I hope you will go on making freebies, but if you don't, I full understand.
    Kindest regards,
    Lirios - the Netherlands

  6. Correction: ... I fully understand, I should have written.

  7. Hi Jo,

    You know I just recently found you and I'm loving discovering your beautiful creations! Even bought in the store to have some 300dpi files. I'm one to leave comments on 95% of anything whether I download or not. Considering the time and effort you take to make the kits then set them up for sharing is worth a note of gratitude! PLEASE don't stop creating and sharing, I know I'm not the only person who can't afford to buy as much as we would like to have. You are a blessing dear lady!

    Hugs, love and blessings! Deborah/JoyfullyOrange

  8. Thank you very much for being so generous with your lovely freebies. Sorry people aren't grateful to you for what you give for free!

  9. Thanks for all the great scrap kits. I just downloaded your Goth This kit for a tutorial I am doing. I've purchased a lot of kits over the years, so thank for all the freebies.