Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Fundraising Kit

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Hi Blog Fans
Today I'm announcing a special new kit I've made. A very dear friend of mine, Dallas, is really struggling financially at the moment. Both she and her hubby lost their jobs a few months back and with the economy the way it is, haven't been able to find work. Things are really getting grim for them, and when Dallas mentioned they might loose their house, I wished I could help her out. Unfortunately my funds situation is only marginally better, but I did know one thing I could do. Make a fundraising scrap kit for her. All the proceeds of sales will go to Dallas and her family. So please if you can spare a few dollars to buy the kit, hop over to Sophisti-Scraps and pick it up.

Here's a preview for you.

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You can purchase it HERE

Thankyou :)

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