Monday, 15 September 2008

OMG - Moving House Sux

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Hi Blog fans

So sorry to be out of touch for so long. We had to move house. So I was too busy searching for a new house and then packing up and moving, my poor little blog got neglected.

Moving is just the worst job. I hate it sooooo much. I guess at least I had a good clean out and got rid of lots of junk, now I have to make sure I don't accumulate again. I think we will be having 6 monthly clean outs so it never gets so much again.

Before I lost my internet I did buy a big lot of commercial use goodies, that I didn't have time to even download let alone use. So I will be downloading them asap and I hope to have a new kit out for you all soon. I do still have some unpacking to do but I figure I deserve a little time out from the unpacking every now and then.

Take care blog fans - I'll be back soon

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